Within the Finitude, 2020

“Within the Finitude” was an extensive project spanning three months, encompassing various activities such as a workshop, group and individual studio visits, a group exhibition, and online seminars. The project was centered around Object-oriented ontology and its philosophical origins. Throughout this duration, three artists were carefully chosen to participate in a month-long workshop. During this workshop, I had the opportunity to impart the foundational principles of Object-oriented ontology, and emphasizing the vital role of aesthetics within this contemporary school of thought. Subsequently, each artist conceived their own unique artistic concept and brought it to life under my mentorship.

To enrich the project further, three seminars were organized during the exhibition, featuring distinguished thinkers including Graham Harman, Ahmad Ali Heydari, and Mohammad Reza Beheshti. These seminars provided an intellectual discourse on the subject matter. The project took place in the Kandovan building, Pejman Foundation.