Born in 1989, Erfan Ghiasi, Saboteur, is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, Instructor, researcher, and translator presently residing in Tehran. He has received his BFA in Cinema from Art University of Tehran and his MFA in Studio Arts from Louisiana State University. Within his artistic projects, he draws attention to the preexisting conditions within a system – whether it’s a segment of a city, particular sociopolitical situation, or an art institution – through the means of intervention and disruption. By employing the language and aesthetics inherent to the chosen system, studying the way it functions, and targeting the established network and regulations within it, Ghiasi generates a moment of error and deviation from the existing conditions and challenging the status quo. Having roots in discourses such as tactical media, cultural jamming, critical thinking, and institutional criticism, Ghiasi’s approach in art/trouble-making serves as an invitation to reevaluate the dominant narratives of control and the established operational methods of a specific system/machine, encouraging reassessments, reevaluation, and redistribution. In his research, Ghiasi forges connections between the metaphysical aspects of Speculative Realism and various fields including social theory, politics, and aesthetics. He places a special focus on pedagogy within the realm of the arts and has contributed as an instructor in various Iranian institutions. Additionally, he has translated and authored texts related to contemporary philosophy, aesthetics, interventionism, and institutional criticism.

Ghiasi is the founder of The Tehran Summit, a non-profit independent project that acts as a pedagogical platform for artists to exchange ideas with peers and learn from contemporary thinkers and cultural practitioners in the realms of continental philosophy and socially engaged art.

Ghiasi has curated projects such as: The Tehran Biannual (2023), Within the Finitude (2020) and disclosure (2018). Solo shows and socially engaged art projects including: A Deep, Big, and Weird Research on the Historical Objects of Future Civilizations ( O gallery, Tehran, 2023), Afghan Supper (Iran, 2023), Man-made Objects (Iran, 2021), Slaughter (Iran, 2020), Abject Object (USA, 2019), and Sacred Man (USA, 2018).